Mission Statement

The EChO Network is a national program to provide a template for cross-disciplinary leadership in India with the specific focus of increasing research, knowledge, and awareness of Indian ecology and the environment. The Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India has brought together multiple stakeholders for this large social innovation partnership. This initiative will catalyze a new generation of Indians across the industry, government, private, and academic sectors who can synthesize interdisciplinary concepts and tackle real-world problems in human and environmental ecosystems.

Like the echo for which it is named, the purpose of this program is to listen to nature so we can give back to it.

Network Goals

- Create interdisciplinary scientific leaders through cross-sector collaboration.

- Employ solution-driven and public-guided science to tackle real-world problems.

- Encourage science-driven policy and practice.

- Establish nationwide ecological and environmental appreciation and awareness.

Building the Network


Stage 1: The Foundation - Identify topics of interest in Indian human and environmental systems as focal points to anchor Network activities.



Stage 2: The Building Blocks - Identify professionals across government, industrial, academic, and private sectors with interest and experience related to topics of interest identified in Stage #1.



Stage 3: Filling the Gaps - Through cross-sector interactions with professionals identified in Stage #2 and relevant stakeholders in the general public, a series of interactive sessions and workshops will be held across India to define and discuss topics of interest identified in Stage #1 and identify gaps in knowledge.



Stage 4: The Leaders - Provide interdisciplinary leadership training of young scientists who will train to serve as expert communicators for Stage #3, and participate in collaborative research with Stage #2 professionals to address the Stage #3 gaps in knowledge.



Stage 5: The Network - As a result of continuous research in Stage #4 to fill knowledge gaps identified iteratively in Stage #3 though repeated information exchange with Stage #2 professionals and the public, a community will be built to regularly exchange ideas and efforts that lead to systems-level policy, process, or product solutions. This network will be continuously revised through multiple iterations and expansions of this process, lead by our new Leaders established in Stage #4.





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